Best of the Left

I’ve been listening to Best of the Left since 2009, when I was only interested in it as a counterpoint to my preferred ideology back then of libertarian conservatism. Over the course of the next 5+ years, I grew into my current state of tree-hugging, pacifist, hippy, veganism thanks, in part, to the passionate and compassionate views I heard through Jay!’s curation. Voices like Allison and Jamie from Citizen Radio (, Lee Camp’s Moments of Clarity (now has his own comedic news show on RT -, Elon James White (, and the illustrious Amy Goodman ( have all graced me with their compelling candor on a regular basis. Other frequent contributors include Thom Hartmann, The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore, Rachel Maddow, Bill Moyers, David Pakman, Radio Dispatch, and Sam Seder.

I love that Jay! takes calls from listeners on a dedicated voicemail line in order to engage in incredibly deep conversation with his audience, despite the pre-recorded nature of his show. I love that he has instituted an activist call to action in every show. I love that he has bonus “members only” content in which he really lets loose and shares more of his personal story and emotional journey. My ONLY criticism that I have of BotL is that it’s only 2x/wk, always leaving me wanting more :-)

Note: it used to be released more often than 2x/wk but with literally hundreds of hours of content to curate and the often depressing nature of said content, I really can’t fault Jay! for needing to cut back. Even the way it is, I have no idea how he stays sane...