MorningCoach CoachCast

I listen to the CoachCast as a jolt of energy in the morning. JB starts every episode with an enthusiastic and uplifting “goooooooood morning!” which certainly helps to get the day started right through positive energy and inspiration. That being said, perhaps because it’s always before 7am when I listen, or because he has a degree in metaphysics, I feel like there’s little substance to the show. Granted, nobody wants to take notes or listen intently first thing in the morning, but I’m also glad I listen to this podcast at 2x so listening takes <10 min rather than the full 15-20 min runtime. Topics are usually superficial and relatively common-sense (for example, the idea of tracking income and expenses, or “offense and defense”, is repeated even Friday during personal finance day).

Long story short, this podcast serves as a daily jolt to help get me out of bed and start my day in a positive framework. I don’t believe in the metaphysical pseudoscientific claims that are regularly made, but then I don’t really need to. I wish it were free, and wouldn’t pay the $1/day sticker price, but I do currently find it worth my discounted $20/mo rate (offered as an "early action-taker" or something like that when I first signed up for the free trial).