Read to Lead Podcast

  • Topic: Business, Personal Development
  • Host/Creator: Jeff Brown
  • Format: Interview
  • Schedule: 1/wk
  • Avg Length: 20-40 min
  • Popular Subtopics: Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Public Speaking
  • Resources:
  • Rating (out of 10): 8

Jeff Brown has spent decades in the broadcast industry and it shows through his natural interview skills and access to high-profile authors and entrepreneurs. Brown clearly reads the books he’s interviewing about, which is likely why despite the format and length, there’s only 1 new episode per week (bonus episodes lately have included audio “blinks” from show sponsor Blinkist). The length of each episode is easily digestible in a single sitting and my only complaint is that I wish there were 2-3 episodes/wk instead of just the 1!

Notable guests have included Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income podcaster and blogger), Dan Miller (best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love), John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire podcaster), Gary Vaynerchuck (online marketer and author of Crush It!), Simon Sinek (best-selling author of Leaders Eat Last and Start with Why?), and Daniel Pink (best-selling author of To Sell is Human).